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Come visit our brand new 1,600 square foot studio located just off of 189 and Rt. 7 in South Burlington. Our studio features the highest-quality sprung wood flooring on the market, a vaulted ceiling and lots of natural light. We have changing rooms for women and men, bathrooms, and a shower on site, so you can squeeze in a class before work or on lunch break!

See a class you’re interested in below? Reserve your spot ahead of time on our Class Schedule page, or download the MINDBODY app on your phone and search for Lines Vermont Studio to view our schedule and book classes on the go. You can also simply walk in to Lines before class starts and register in the lobby.

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Lines Teacher Drew Grant

Lines Teacher Drew Grant


FREE Intro to Ballet Class - Always been interested in trying ballet but feeling a little intimidated? This free 45-minute class helps to break the ice by providing an overview of what you can expect from a ballet class and an introduction to the basic body placement and positions of the discipline.

Ballet Barre - This class offers a traditional ballet barre in which you'll gradually warm-up, stretch and strengthen your body through the classical series of ballet exercise from pliés to grande battement. Perfect for those seeking a low-impact workout and wanting to focus on developing long, lean muscles; conditioning the legs, glutes, arms and core; developing flexibility and coordination; and practicing your ballet epaulement.

Total Beginner Ballet - Ballet can be considered a foundational practice for other forms of dance and athletics because of its focus on the placement of each part of the body and how muscles are used in a coordinated way to create fluid or dynamic movements. This class is for those who have never taken ballet lessons before. It explores the five core positions of ballet; how to align the body when standing still and maintain that alignment when moving; and the simpler movements and steps that form the basis of more complex movements later on. Socks will work just fine for this class until you’re ready to invest in slippers.

Beginning Ballet - This class is for practicing beginners who are familiar with ballet alignment and positions, the foundational movements, and the standard class structure. Ballet slippers are recommended.  

Intermediate/Advanced Ballet - This class is appropriate for dancers who have a firm understanding of ballet placement and have mastered the vocabulary and foundational steps of ballet. Class includes barre, center and across-the-floor combinations. Pointe shoes are welcome for this class but never required. 

Advanced Ballet - This class is appropriate for dancers who have an advanced ability in ballet and are looking for a challenge! It is not required that dancers have danced professionally, but please be prepared for steps and combinations that would be given to dancers in a company. 

Drew teaching Body by Barre

Drew teaching Body by Barre


Body by Barre - A dancer’s workout developed for non-dancers, too! This class uses small-range, low-impact, repetitive movements and resistance props to strengthen and tone muscles, helping you develop the long lean lines of a ballet dancer. 

Core Strength - Get a total body workout that starts from the core. This class is a series of exercises on the mat, at the barre and traveling that will help you develop core stability and strength while also targeting your legs, back and arms. Developed for those who want a more intensive strengthening workout that will make you sweat!

Lines Teacher Kristina Desjardins. Photo by Alex Berger.

Lines Teacher Kristina Desjardins. Photo by Alex Berger.


Beginning Contemporary - Forget about the straight lines and highly particular placement of ballet … Contemporary dance is about unpredictability, expression, and freedom—but not without a strong focus on technique. This class begins with warm-ups and exercises to get your body loose and limber and open to making shapes we don’t use in “real life,” and builds into a longer choreographed piece. Appropriate for brand new and practicing beginners. 

Intermediate/Advanced Contemporary - This class is appropriate for those who have taken contemporary classes before and are ready for more advanced movements and “tricks.” Bring your inner artist and challenge yourself to attempt a fall, jump or contortion you haven’t mastered yet!

Lines Teacher Rose Bedard

Lines Teacher Rose Bedard


Beginning Hip Hop - You just watched “Homecoming” and all you want in life is to be able to move like Beyoncé. You’re in luck! This class is for brand new and practicing beginners. The only qualification needed is to enjoy moving when the music comes on. Get a great workout and have fun learning some new skills to show off on the dance floor.

Intermediate/Advanced Hip Hop - You’ve got the basic grooves down and are looking to step it up with some more complicated choreography. This is the class for you! Get ready to move.

Femme Hip Hop - Looking for a little more sass in your life? Consider this class an outlet for your attitude. Femme hip hop is what the biggest pop stars are bringing these days—a combination of jazz sizzle and urban rhythm. Of course, “femme” is a totally interpretative concept in this class. Some hip hop or jazz experience recommended.

Lines Teacher Steffi Thomas

Lines Teacher Steffi Thomas


Beginning Jazz - If you’re new to jazz but up for learning simpler choreography, come try this class. Jazz is a very stylized form of dance that’s constantly evolving and even varies wildly from teacher to teacher. But some elements do remain constant: it’s theatrical (prepare to ham it up!); it’s high-energy; and kick-ball-change!

Broadway Jazz - This class features the style of choreography you’d see in musical theater. Bring your biggest smile and those jazz hands!

Jazz Funk - What do you get when you cross jazz with hip hop? Jazz funk! This class combines the classic flow style of jazz with the percussive, rhythmic movements of hip hop, choreographed to pop songs. Prepare to release your inner music video vixen!

Street Jazz - Street jazz is a fusion of jazz, hip hop, breakdancing, funk and electronic dance. Imagine the jaw-dropping moves you might see from talented performers on the streets of NYC or in dance competitions on TV—that’s street jazz! While everyone is welcome, it's recommended that you've taken at least some jazz or hip hop classes before trying this class, as it will require some knowledge of basic hip hop steps and muscle isolations.

African Jazz - A blend of African dance movements and the technical elements of jazz danced to the beat of a Djembe drum! Learn several dance sequences over the course of the class, then string them together to live drumming and show us what you’ve got! This class is high-energy, group-based, and super fun. Beginners welcome!

Instgram Stretch Pilates.jpg


Pilates - Our Pilates classes are designed for those looking for a low-impact approach to strengthening or a deeper dive into learning about your own physiology. This class features exercises that help you locate and target specific muscles and focus on how you’re using them, with an emphasis on correct alignment. Many of the classes are centered around a specific part of the body, providing a full lesson on how to keep that area functioning at its maximum potential and pain free. Classes follow the STOTT method and utilize mat work, and incorporate elements of strengthening; stretching and elongating; and therapeutic work to correct alignment or improper muscle use. At the end of class, certified Pilates instructor Steffi Thomas is happy to provide individualized exercises for clients based on their specific needs.

Tap class.jpg


Beginning Tap - For those totally new to tap, practicing beginners, and those feeling a little rusty! Work on basic tap steps and sequences, using repetition to build muscle memory and learn rhythms. Tap shoes not required; clean sneakers will work just fine!

Intermediate/Advanced Tap - This class is for tappers who have some experience and are looking for more challenge. Classes begin with learning sequences, which are strung together into a longer dance over the course of the class. Those who are ready will have the opportunity to add in advanced “tricks”!

Zumba screenshot.png


Zumba® - What's not to love about burning a ton of calories at a big dance party? Zumba® is a dance fitness workout for everybody! Using international and national music and simple dance steps anyone can follow, Zumba® combines fast and slow rhythms that tone and sculpt the body. A Zumba® class is an interval-style total body workout that incorporates cardio, muscle conditioning, balance and flexibility. Come get lost in the music!